Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cam Girls Program

The Referral Program is our method for offering you some assistance with earning more cash, and you merit it! Once you've earned 100 tokens and you have your one of a kind referral code, take after these tips to offer you some assistance with earning significantly more cash. Some of our Referral Program individuals are procuring $500 every week, that is a ton of sex toys and shoes! Be the following huge worker, your companions and your financial balance will much obliged.

In the event that you haven't got your code yet, don't stress simply go to this blog entry first.

Keep in mind that you'll win $2 per new join from your referral URL. With several tips and traps, you'll rapidly see this mean $200!


1. Redesign your bio to incorporate your referral URL

The URL in your bio ought to be your Referral Program join. Be that as it may, you can improve by composing a tweet with your referral URL in it, incorporate an attractive pic or video, and pin it to your profile. This is the first tweet everybody will see, so it's critical to make the most of it! Upgrade this tweet much of the time with another picture or unique declaration. Here's a case of Abbey's stuck tweet:

2. Tweet your referral URL routinely

Did you know the normal lifetime of a tweet is 3 hours. When you're telecasting, utilize your referral URL. Abbreviate this with bitly on the off chance that you like.

Some of you have an individual web journal or a Tumblr account. Include a  flag and interface it to the fitting index page, with this in your web journal header or sidebar you can gain cash while you rest.
Different Tips

Hustle all over, in the event that you have Instagram then utilize your referral URL as your connection choice. In case you're a super hawker and you have an email list for your fans, bear in mind to utilize your referral URL in those as well. In the event that you aren't online you can keep on profiting (and bail kindred cam entertainers out!) by utilizing the catalog page URLs with your interesting referral code.

Go here to discover how.

We'll back with more tips and Referral Program redesigns, on the off chance that you have addresses please leave a remark.